Egg lecithins with [phospholipid-DHA] complexes

The modification of the food supply of the hens allows to select the fatty acid composition of the lecithins that will be synthesized. ​

A food supply of these [phospholipid-DHA] complexes enhances accretion of DHA in cell membranes, particularly in nervous cells in which it exerts essential physiologic functions.​​

The egg lecithin range of Novastell possess a high DHA content while EPA is only present as traces.​

Novastell egg lecithin range of products:

These lecithins can be used as emulsifiers but also incorporated in food supplements (capsules, soft gel capsules, tablets) and in infant food formulations.

EGGOMEGA DHA 2: egg yolk powder with 2% minimum DHA
EGGOMEGA DHA X: phosphatidylcholine concentrated from egg yolk in a waxy form with a guaranteed content in DHA (specifications on demand).