Phosphatidylserine is one of the main active components of our range of ready-to-use formulations and semi-finished products​. To see more details on the concentrated extracts,

Our phosphatidylserine is 100% of vegetal origin: The only sources of phosphatidylserine available were for a long time only from animal origin. Whereas phosphatidylserine is naturally present in vegetal lecithins, its concentration is low (around 1% of total phospholipids).

Concentrated extract of phosphatidylserine can be prepared by an enzymatic modification of vegetal lecithins, through the use of phospholipase D. The specificity of Novastell’s extracts is found in the use of an enzyme extracted from cabbage which conducts to a 100% vegetal phosphatidylserine extract while the other products commercially available are mainly made with the use of an enzyme extracted from microorganisms.

Novastell offers liquid and powder extracts titrated from 20% to 70% in phosphatidylserine. They are prepared from soya (NEUROSERINE) and sunflower (NEUROSERINE SUN) lecithins.

Phosphatidylserine applications
Approximately half of the phosphatidylserine of the body is located in the brain. Its involvement in the memory is now well documented with clinical studies conducted in man. It has been shown that the decrease of the phosphatidylserine content of the brain follows the degradation of cognitive performances.

It has recently been observed that a phosphatidylserine supply also improves stress management when associated to phosphatidic acid. Novastell offers phosphatidic acid (PA) or a blend composed of phosphatidic acid and phosphatidylserine (PAS).