Working Life

Life is full: work, transport, family, leisure… Tiredness, stress, temporary degraded cognitive performance or even sports performance are all matters adults have to deal with.

Our phospholipids provide solutions to these needs. Diversified, efficient, with optimal bioavailability and bioaccretion, they help you stay fit and face working life with serenity!

Achievable innovative concepts


Lecimarine DHA

Target: People suffering from a scaly skin with inflammatory tendency.
Formulation: Phosphatidylcholine Omega 3
Commitment: Improves tissues oxygenation, facilitates skin hydration and healing.

Lipocaps vitaminy

Target: Adults feeling a temporary decrease in their cognitive performances.
Formulation: Phosphatidylserine
Vitamins and Minerals : B1, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, B12, Zinc Commitment: helps maintain the normal functioning of the nervous system and the normal mental performance.

Sports performance

Essentiel Sport Recovery

Target: Sportsmen
Formulation: DHA, PS, Vitamins & Minerals
Commitment: Facilitates post-effort recovery.

Liver health

PC Gel

Target: People careful to monitor their liver function.
Formulation: PC, Ethanol gel
Commitment: Protects hepatic cells from oxidation.