List of products - Functional lecithins

Functional lecithins Characteristics
Standard and liquid lecithins
SOYCITHIN F60 IP Standard soya lecithin.
  Non GMO certification by CERT-ID
SUNCITHIN F60 Standard sunflower lecithin
CANOLACITHIN F60 Standard rapeseed lecithin
SOYCITHIN BIO F60 Organic standard soya lecithin. Certified by ECOCERT
SUNCITHIN BIO F60 Organic standard sunflower lecithin. Certified by ECOCERT.
SOYCITHIN F60 LIGHT IP Standard bleached soya lecithin. Non GMO certified by CERT-ID
SOYCITHIN F30 Soya lecithin in rapeseed oil. Liquid with a low viscosity

Deoiled lecithins
SOYCITHIN P97 IP Powdered soya lecithin. Non GMO certified.
SUNCITHIN P96 Powdered sunflower lecithin
CANOLACITHIN P96 Powder rapeseed lecithin

Lecithins on carrier
CANOLACITHIN P20 Rapeseed lecithin (20%) on a wheat flour carrier
SOYCITHIN P50 Soya lecithin (50%) on a glucose carrier

Hydrolyzed lecithin
SOYCITHIN F56 E Enzymatically hydrolyzed soya lecithin
Powdered lecithins for feed
SOYCITHIN P95 IP Powdered soya lecithin for animal feed. Non GMO.